Sage 200 Standard

Move to the cloud

Move to the Cloud

Invest in the latest update of the world-standard in business management for increased security, live-updates and a host of new features all designed to make managing your business more efficient. Sage 200 Standard is aimed at helping you reach your business goals.

Sage 200 Standard brings all the advantages of cloud-computing to SME’s in a multi-featured, flexible package. This update is aimed at companies who:

  • have 10-50 employees
  • have a turnover between £500K and £5m
  • prefer to spread investments over monthly installments
  • do not wish to invest in own IT infrastructure
  • may not have in-house IT staff
  • require automatic offsite backups
  • are ready to embrace cloud computing

Save through efficiency

Pay for What You Need

Sage 200 Standard is a modular system, which means you can work with Bridge Business to identify which modules you need, and which you don’t. This means you only pay for the modules you use. What’s more, as your business grows and your needs change, you can alter your mix of modules so you can be certain that Sage 200 Standard will always suit your business and your preferred way of managing your resources.

Sage has spent time speaking to customers to understand what would make a real difference to their business and how they could enable each customer to do more. The response is a choice of a fantastic service contracts built directly from customer priorities.

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